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~case examples~

1College teacher

An International Class for Exchange Students from the UK at Aich University of Education


We held an international seminar on "Business Practices in Japan and the West, Commonalities and Contrasts" conducted in English from the start to the end. Students from the UK and Japan participated in discussions in response to the issues raised in the presentation. 


2New employee mentoring

One on One Customised Education for a New Employee of a Foreign Capital Company in Japan


The following 2 subjects are given in 8 half-day workshops.

"Basic business 101 for new graduates"

"Sales and Marketing 101"

3tama AREA workshop

Tama area workshop


We are currently holding a voluntary monthly group session in the Tama area on various topics such as

"Learning more about SDGs"





4SDGs workshop

BusinessxPhilosophy Lab

"SDGscan make our business and life cool!"





5workshop for a nursery school

Team work is the key for sucsess !

We held a workshop in a nursery school for the employees to work together in harmony.




6 markenting seminar at  "tochujuku"

"Tochujuku" event

We held a marketing seminar and workshop.

The subject was

"Which is more impactful, Product-out versus

Market-in in the Japanese electronics industry ?"

7life coaching

Age 100 era

We had a fruitful discussion with the OBs of the University of Tokyo. The subject was

"Developing a society where all people of various ages can play active roles."