Futuraid LLC

Why Founded ?


 We would like to support everyone by

    co-creating a better future.


      Future + Aid = Futuraid



Shared Value


Workshops / Seminars

     We hold workshops / seminars for any organizations.

    We can produce interactive workshops / seminars   

    with all attendee taking active roles.

    The following subjects are within our expertise.

 ・Human resources development

 ・Team building


 ・Problem solving


 ・SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) 


Consulting Services

    We can support any organizations or individuals by

   analysing status and solving problems together. 

 ・Strategic management

 ・Marketing strategy

 ・International business



Life Coaching


1.We are in the era of centenials.

        We can support people in their middle ages or   

        beyond to help them play an active role in




2.We can support students and young persons

        to achieve their goals.